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New York State Chemistry Council

Posted: October 9, 2015 at 2:42 am

The New York State Chemistry Council is a statewide trade association that serves as the premier voice on chemicals, environmental, and health and safety issues that impact on chemical companies and the industry at large in New York. We serve our members by providing legislative and regulatory advocacy, information, counsel and support, as well as help them respond to the initiatives and concerns of elected officials, regulators and community groups.

New York State Chemistry Council Members are leaders in the Business of Chemistry. For a complete list of members, click here.

As a member-driven organization, the New York State Chemistry Councilkeeps track of legislation that is introduced in the New York State Legislature, and proactively advocates on priority bills that would have an adverse impact on its members' business operations or the broader chemicals industry at large.

Over 96% of all manufactured goods (consumer, commercial, and industrial) are directly touched by the business of chemistry, meaning the goods contain chemicals essential to creating that specific product, or chemicals were used in the manufacturing process itself.

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New York State Chemistry Council

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