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Chemistry, B.S./M.S. < Temple University

Posted: October 7, 2019 at 7:46 pm

The five-year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemistry is a combined program within the College of Science and Technology. Chemistry majors at the beginning of their junior year may apply for admission to the fifth-year M.S. Program. Upon admission to the program and satisfactory completion of the program requirements, the student is assured of having a master's degree at the end of the fifth year. Interested students should contact their advisor for details. For more information, see the following program pages: Chemistry B.S. and Chemistry M.S.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Dan Strongin, ChairBeury Hall, Room 130215-204-7118

Dr. Ann Valentine, Vice ChairBeury Hall, Room 352215-204-7118

Dr. Steven Fleming, Faculty Advisor (Last names A-C)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Roy Keyer, Faculty Advisor (Last names D-G)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Spiridoula Matsika, Faculty Advisor (Last names H-K)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Andrew Price, Faculty Advisor (Last names L-M)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Vince Voelz, Faculty Advisor (Last names N-R)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Vladi Wilent, Faculty Advisor (Last names S-T)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Michael Zdilla, Faculty Advisor (Last names U-Z)SERC, Room 656215-204-7886michael.zdilla@temple.eduNote: Due to restricted access to the 6th floor of SERC, please email Dr. Zdilla to set up an appointment.

Graduate Contact Information:

Dr. Rod Andrade, Graduate Program ChairBeury Hall, Room

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Chemistry, B.S./M.S. < Temple University

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