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Chemistry, B.A. < Temple University

Posted: October 7, 2019 at 7:46 pm

Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry.

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry is designed for students who are planning for a non-research career in a field related to Chemistry. Students learn a wide array of topics in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Students learn how to write scientific reports, analyze data, and place these results in a broader scientific context.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Dan Strongin, ChairBeury Hall, Room 130215-204-7118

Dr. Ann Valentine, Vice ChairBeury Hall, Room 352215-204-7118

Dr. Steven Fleming, Faculty Advisor (Last names A-C)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Roy Keyer, Faculty Advisor (Last names D-G)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Spiridoula Matsika, Faculty Advisor (Last names H-K)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Andrew Price, Faculty Advisor (Last names L-M)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Vince Voelz, Faculty Advisor (Last names N-R)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Vladi Wilent, Faculty Advisor (Last names S-T)Beury Hall, Room

Dr. Michael Zdilla, Faculty Advisor (Last names U-Z)SERC, Room 656215-204-7886michael.zdilla@temple.eduNote: Due to restricted access to the 6th floor of SERC, please email Dr. Zdilla to set up an appointment.

Courses listed under the major requirements for the degree will be included in the calculation of the major GPA. Courses that could not apply toward the major as an elective or required course would not be counted in the calculation of the major GPA. This would include CHEM1027, for example.

To graduate with Distinction in Major, students are required to achieve a 3.33 GPA or higher in all the Chemistry courses in their major.

All prospective majors should schedule an appointment with one of the departmental advisors (names of current Faculty Advisors are available in the About section) to plan a program of study. The recommended order of courses for the major is listed below; a different order is acceptable as long as the student adheres to prerequisite requirements.

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Chemistry, B.A. < Temple University

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