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Cell Therapy's Got Talent Technology Showcase – A Call for Cell Therapy Manufacturing Technology Presentations

Posted: July 10, 2011 at 4:02 pm

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In an effort to showcase the latest technologies driving the production of cell therapies, the Cell Therapy Group and Informa Life Sciences are proud to announce the introduction of the "Technology Showcase" session and award to be held in conjunction with Informa's Cell Therapy Manufacturing conference to be held 30 November to 1 December 2011 in Brussels Belgium.

Having held the same conference last year in London, Informa is committed to building on the success of last year's event by continuing to create a meaningful European forum for the issues related to the clinical and particularly commercial-scale production of cell-based therapies.

The Technology Showcase session, taking place on the main agenda, will feature 6 x 10 minute presentations from innovative companies developing cutting-edge technologies in the field of cell therapy manufacturing, and is particularly relevant to SME and academic groups with limited marketing resources.

All presentations will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board with the winner announced at the end of the session. Exposure on BioProcess International's website is also included.

Technologies we'd like to promote include:

  • Manufacturing systems including bioreactor technologies
  • Cell harvest/collection technologies
  • Cell storage/logistics technologies
  • Clinical cell delivery and/or other point-of-care technologies
  • Automation technologies
  • Cell separation system
  • Cell process devices
  • Innovative reagents, scaffolds, matrices, and other “ancillary” tools
  • Technologies to close currently open systems
  • Suspension-based production systems
  • Disposable technologies

How to apply:

To apply to present companies must submit an abstract (<300 words) to and outlining the product or service to be presented and why it is a critical technology related to cell therapy manufacturing.

The deadline for applications is SEPTEMBER 15 2011 - Priority given to early submissions

    The cost of taking part in the Technology Showcase is £2,700 which includes the following benefits:

    • 1 x 2-day conference pass (normal price £1,599)
    • 10-minute podium presentation within main conference room
    • 1 poster display in the Exhibition Hall
    • Marketing - company logo displayed on website and event guide
    • Exposure in BPI Magazine

    Terms and conditions:

    To be eligible the product or service to be presented must be:

    • On the market for no less than 2 years or expected to be on the market no later than Q4 2012
    • Appropriate for, applicable to, and compliant with clinical-grade manufacturing requirements (technologies only available for research use will not be considered)


    • The company must have no more than 15 employees
    • The company has been running for no more than 5 years, and
    • The company generates annual revenue of no more than $5m

    For further information please contact: or

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