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Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping Some of the Best Mary Kay Products – Yahoo Canada Shine On

From Good Housekeeping

Mary Kay, the mega-famous beauty company founded in 1963 by entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash, has earned its stripes with its devoted fan base thanks, in part, to its effective formulas. Not only does the company known for its iconic pink Cadillacs invest millions in research and testing, but the brand has at least 1,500 patents.

Three particular areas where the brand shines are anti-aging products, moisturizing formulas, and bold cosmetics. Below were sharing the products in those categories that any MK devotee will tell you is a must-shop, whether youre looking to expand your collection or start a stash from scratch.

If youre battling dryness, genetics, the weather, and even soaking too long in a hot bath can be to blame. But regardless of the cause ask your derm what they think the culprit is for you these three wonders will come to the rescue with hydrating ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, and squalane. And the clincher? The brands high-tech formulations will help your skin stay hydrated.

Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches, pk./30 pairs, $40

These pretty pink patches are the perfect slip-on fix any time your eyes could use a moisture boost. According to an independent consumer study of 157 people, these patches, loaded with the humectant glycerin, boosted skin hydration upon application. Translation: youll see the effects right away. They leave the delicate eyelid skin feeling cool and soothed, and can help reduce the look of puffiness and dullness.

Mary Kay White Tea & Citrus Satin Body Whipped Shea Crme, $22

This cream is luxe. Loaded with shea and mango butter and sunflower and apricot kernel oil, it feels unbelievably smooth and creamy and, based on biophysical testing, was proven to moisturize for 24 hours. The light, energizing scent? Thats just a bonus.

Mary Kay Naturally Nourishing Oil, $48

We love this oil not only for the hydrators it contains (squalane, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, and olive oil) but what it doesnt (parabens and synthetic dyes and fragrances). Glide it on your face, elbows, cuticles, the ends of your hair, or wherever you need an extra dose of moisture for instant relief.

Turning back the clock is all about lifting and firming to blur and soften lines while protecting the skin from collagen-depleting damage. And this is an area where MKs science-backed, award-winning family of anti-aging products shines. Read on for some of the stand-outs in the range.

Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set 3D, $110

If youre looking for an all-in-one skin-perfecting system, well, here you go. This set (which comes in normal/dry and combination/oily versions) contains a cleanser, SPF day cream, night cream, and eye cream, all packed with encapsulated resveratrol, vitamin B3, and peptides to both treat existing signs of aging and protect the skin against free radicals that can cause further signs of aging. And the combination is effective in a 12-week independent clinical study, participants found that there was a visible improvement of multiple signs of aging in just four weeks, with more results coming after prolonged use.

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-Cellulose Mask, $70 (pack of four)

Use this Korean beauty-inspired sheet mask just once for 20 to 30 minutes to help boost the radiance of your complexion. Use it twice weekly for 14 days and youll get visibly firmer and more lifted skin, according to clinical trials. You can address your thank you note to the blend of oat kernel extract, orchid extract, and skin-conditioning sodium hyaluronate and the plant-based bio-cellulose material that helps all that goodness absorb into the skin.

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Advanced Lifting Serum, $70

The serum was formulated to enhance what the brand dubbed the triangle of youth, meaning full cheeks, a defined jawline, and a taut neck. If the ingredients sound fancy peptides, plant stem cells derived from gotu kola, and alpinia galanga leaf and schisandra extracts thats because they are. They were specifically chosen to support your skins hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen levels, which are required for the firm, bouncy skin associated with youth.

Getting all done-up doesnt have to be a big production. By choosing the right high-performing products, you can make a major impact with a just few must-haves. Thats why weve selected these three Mary Kay products as your makeup MVPs they work. Theres a pigment-packed liquid shadow, a high-shine lip gloss, and a volumizing mascara, each clocking in under $20.

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Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss, $16

With a shine thats out of this world and a formula thats intensely moisturizing (due to patent-pending technology), this brand new non-sticky gloss is a statement lip in the making. Oh, and it comes in 14 shades and three finishes (cream, pearl, and shimmer), so theres one to fit every mood.

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, $15

Ultimate, indeed. When you want LASHES in all caps, this is the mascara to reach for. This ultra-thickening, smooth formula manages to give major volume without flaking, smudging, or clumping. Its also ophthalmologist-tested to ensure that its suitable for contact lens wearers and people with sensitive eyes, so everyone can swipe safely.

Mary Kay Liquid Eye Shadow, $14

All four of the light-catching celestial-inspired shades (Pink Starlight, Light Beam, Purple Nova, and Meteor Shower) of this creamy shadow are packed with pigment for a rich pop of color, but they feel weightless on your lids. Even better: The formula is blendable, so you can sweep on with the doe foot applicator and sheer out with your finger when youre going for a more subdued look.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping Some of the Best Mary Kay Products - Yahoo Canada Shine On

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The Mother of All Preventative Medicine Anti-Aging: A Review of "Lifespan" by David Sinclair – Pager Publications, Inc.

For the first time in history, humankind has transitioned from predominantly treating infectious disease to treating chronic disease. These lifelong, quality-of-life-reducing ailments account for 70% of all American deaths and 75% of the United States annual health care costs. The proactive approach to reducing chronic disease incidence is through prevention for example, encouraging those with a family history of hypertension to reduce their sodium intake and those at-risk for dementia to exercise to combat cognitive decline.

However, what if instead of treating piecemeal risk factors, we could prevent the root cause of most chronic diseases?

The incidence of chronic disease is strongly correlated with aging. According to the Information Theory of Aging, aging results from a progressive loss of genetic material due to gradually worsening cellular repair mechanisms. This cellular erosion leads to a nearly interminable list of diseases, including but certainly not limited to cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative disease.

In his book Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Dont Have To, Dr. David Sinclair spotlights the field of aging science and prophesizes a forthcoming paradigm shift in the practice of medicine. David Sinclair, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Sinclair discusses how the guiding principle among the scientific anti-aging community is that aging is a preventable and potentially curable disease. By uncovering the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms behind aging, Sinclair asserts that we can delay, reverse and conquer this seemingly inescapable process.

Dr. Sinclair assimilates a body of research that illuminates a cohort of proteins that play a role in the aging process: sirtuins, mTOR, NAD and AMPK. The genes that code for these proteins share similar homology and function across the phylogenetic tree, from yeast to humans. Sirtuins are enzymes that remove acetyl groups from histones and other proteins in order to repackage, silence and activate a variety of genes. These worker bees modulate inflammation, energy efficiency and DNA repair. Sinclair details how sirtuins are activated in times of stress, causing the cell to cease haphazard reproduction and focus on repair. The downstream effects of sirtuins are plentiful and powerful: protecting the body from age-related diseases like Alzheimer disease, osteoporosis, cancer, atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, asthma, macular degeneration and a host of others.

mTOR, NAD and AMPK pathways have similar roles and are related to energy efficiency and cellular/DNA repair. Aging distorts these pathways, resulting in age-related diseases. These pathways are ordinarily activated by stress; seeing as a stressful environment communicates to the body to cease cellular reproduction and to repair itself. Since these pathways are involved in cellular repair and govern the aging process, by finding ways to modulate these pathways, we may be able to combat aging at the cellular level.

Sinclair compiles a large body of literature on the process of hormesis a regenerative state induced by carefully exposing the body to a controlled amount of stress. Some of these hormetic tools are calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cryotherapy. Similarly, researchers have identified an array of pharmaceuticals that trigger these anti-aging pathways, including metformin (a diabetes drug that controls blood sugar levels), resveratrol (an antioxidant found in grapes/wine) and NR/NMN (precursors to NAD).

Sinclair concedes that there is a dearth of attention and resources being allocated to anti-aging research. He argues that the chief reason that these anti-aging considerations have yet to receive a spotlight is that aging is not classified as a disease itself. By shifting the concept of aging from an insurmountable inevitability to a solvable inconvenience, it is possible to initiate the institutionalization of anti-aging medicine. One of the best places to start this change in semantics would be at the level of undergraduate medical education.

Undergraduate medical education is at least partially receptive to the shift from acute disease treatment to chronic disease management, but the resulting implementations have seen mixed results. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) cites how medical schools are integrating instruction in geriatrics, pain management and palliative care to better prepare medical students to combat the growing prevalence of chronic diseases. Similarly, in recent years there has been a growing emphasis on the social determinants of health. In 2015, the MCAT was updated to include behavioral and social science sections in the hopes of procuring future physicians with strong behavioral management skills.

Although these adjustments are well-intentioned, they continue to evade the root cause of age-related issues and most chronic diseases: aging itself. It would be advantageous to integrate aging pathophysiology and anti-aging interventions early in the training of a physician. As medical schools begin to more fully integrate preventative medicine into their curriculum, it would be worthwhile to include sessions on anti-aging practices.

One of the most striking findings discussed by Dr. Sinclair is that many of these anti-aging interventions are widely accessible lifestyle interventions. It may be beneficial for medical schools to encourage students to self-experiment with these lifestyle changes to experience the benefits organically. I have personally tried out forms of intermittent fasting and HIIT and have noticed improvements in my energy levels, mental clarity and metabolic biomarkers which are consistent with the literature showing similar results. A shift in the traditional medical curriculum would help organically reposition the cultural climate around aging from a widely-accepted certitude to a preventable process, engendering more attention and funding to the field, allowing for a clearer understanding of the related pathways and the discovery of more fine-tuned interventions.

Dr. Sinclair provides insights that challenge the future of the healthcare system. The implications of this research shape best practices in medicine as well as the ways in which clinicians should be trained. Altogether, Lifespan is an easily-digestible, curious window into an encouraging future that merits a read by any current or future clinician.

Image Credit: Old & Young(CC BY 2.0)byrockindave1

Contributing Writer

Albany Medical College

Marc is a second-year medical student at Albany Medical College in Albany, New York in the Class of 2023. In 2019, he graduated from Union College as Salutatorian with a Bachelor of Science in economics and biology. He also holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from Clarkson University. Marc enjoys reading, running, and exploring local restaurants. In the future, Marc hopes to intertwine his medical training with his business experiences to improve the management of chronic diseases.

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The Mother of All Preventative Medicine Anti-Aging: A Review of "Lifespan" by David Sinclair - Pager Publications, Inc.

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Pain in back: Could red wine ease your back pain? Study finds surprising connection – Express

Back pain is either specific or non-specific, which means the cause is either identifiable or hard to pin down. According to Bupa, the latter is more common than the former but its impact is no less significant. Degenerative disc disease, a form of specific back pain, can greatly impair your ability to daily tasks such as lifting objects. As Bupa explains, degenerative disc disease is when the discs that are located between the bones in your back (vertebrae) become worn down or damaged.

To arrive at their conclusion, scientists at Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago injected resveratrol into disc cartilage from cattle.

They found the red wine substance boosted levels of proteoglycan, a healing substance, and significantly slowed the rate at which cartilage wasted away.

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the most important things you can do is to keep moving and continue with your normal activities as much as possible.

As the NHS explains, it used to be thought that bed rest would help you recover from a bad back, but it's now known that people who remain active are likely to recover quicker.

"This may be difficult at first, but do not be discouraged your pain should start to improve eventually," says the health body.

It adds: "Consider taking painkillers if the pain is stopping you from carrying on as normal."

According to VersusArthritis, exercise should ease your pain within two weeks and you should recover over approximately a four to six week period.

You should carry on with exercises for at least six to eight weeks to help prevent another injury, advises the health body.

One exercise it recommends is the pelvic tilt - this involves laying down with your knees bent.

One you are in this position, you should tighten your stomach muscles flattening your back against the floor.

Hold for five seconds and repeat this five times.

"A GP may be able to provide information about back exercises if you're unsure what to try, or you may want to consider seeing a physiotherapist for advice," adds the NHS.

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Pain in back: Could red wine ease your back pain? Study finds surprising connection - Express

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Covid-19 Effect on Global Resveratrol Market-Industry Demand, Trends, and Forecast 2028 – Owned

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Resveratrol Market Report Research Industry, 2020 report has been added to offering.

Resveratrol market2020 reportis a research document that comprises of comprehensive data which boosts and helps the appraisal of every aspect of the Resveratrol businesses withCovid-19 Impact. It deploys an overview of the baseline and structure of the Resveratrol market, which summarizes its beneficial or prohibitive aspects liable for regional and global evolution. It outlines the ongoing trends and position of Resveratrol by thoroughly probing several manufacturers, associations, suppliers, organizations, and industries under the Resveratrol market.

Apart from this, the globalResveratrol Market2020 report provides crucial particulars regarding the categorization, assessed growth trends, distribution network, economical or commercial terms, and many other vital elements related to the Resveratrol. Rapidly increasing spendable income and innovative products offered by manufacturers are expected to boost Resveratrol industry over the forecast interval. A vast and growing client base of the Resveratrol industry creates an opportunity for producers to serve to a significant market and make money.

This report considers the Resveratrol scope (volume and value) by rivals, regions, product categories, and end-users, previous data, and forecast data. The document also examines the international market competition perspective, leading players in the market, and ongoing trends. It even highlights forthcoming opportunities and challenges, ambiguities and import obstructions, sales lines, and vendors. The research document further estimates the Resveratrol growth scale as well as forthcoming trends worldwide. Even more, it separates Resveratrol starting from type to purpose and from comprehensive analysis to key market players and predictions.

Whether you need a birds eye view of the Global Resveratrolmarket or a deep dive into a niche segment, heres a report ready and waiting for you. Get Sample PDF @

DSMEvolvaSabinsaInterHealthMayproLaurus LabsJF-NATURALGreat Forest BiomedicalShaanxi Ciyuan BiotechChengdu YazhongChangsha Huir Biological-techXian Gaoyuan Bio-ChemXian Sinuote

SyntheticPlant ExtractFermentation

Dietary SupplementCosmeticFood and BeverageOthers

Resveratrol report comprises of the manufacturers data, like price, delivery, advantages, net revenue, enterprise allowance, etc. The entire dataset will offer a better understanding of the competitors across the market. Even more, the study covers assessment from a global viewpoint, which shows a regional growth level, along with the scope, disbursement data, market size, and profit.

The report focuses on competitors dominating the sector and outlining Resveratrol company profile. The analysis relies on SWOT analysis to reveal the competitive environment of the market throughout the world. Even more, the report includes analysis of current Resveratrol development, market shares, syndicates and grade of investments with other Resveratrol chief companies, financial agreements affecting the Resveratrol market.

Geographically, this document is segmented into different chief territories, containing profits, sales, growth rate and market share (percent) of Resveratrol in the areas listed below,

South America & including countries

The Middle East and Africa

North America



& included countries.

This report will provide you following insights-

Dont see what youre looking for? Enquire here. @

1.The document offers statistical data about the value (US$) and size (units) for the worldwide Resveratrol industry between 2019 to 2028.

2.The report also traces the leading market rivals that will create and influence the Resveratrol business to a greater extent.

3.Extensive understanding of the fundamental trends impacting each sector, although greatest threat, latest technologies, and opportunities that could build the global Resveratrol market both supply and offer.

4.The report helps the customer to determine the substantial results of major market players or rulers of Resveratrol sector.

5.The study offers a five-year vital prediction for the Resveratrol developments, separated by basic product type, end-use group, and various regions across the world.

6.The data analysis present in this report relies on and includes extraction from both elementary and secondary assets.

Buy Latest 2020 Edition of This Report

Ultimately, the conclusion section of the Resveratrol industry report states the opinion of the industry experts.

Contact Us:

Office Addresses: 420 Lexington Avenue Suite 300

New York City, NY 10170, United States

USA/Canada Tel No: +1-857-2390696


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Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Market

Global Vision Chart Market

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Covid-19 Effect on Global Resveratrol Market-Industry Demand, Trends, and Forecast 2028 - Owned

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Resveratrol Market Size 2020 Global Industry Insights, Share, Growth, Trend, Demand, Top Players, Opportunities and Forecast to 2025 – Galus Australis

A leading research firm, Adroit Market Research added a latest industry report on Global Resveratrol Market consisting of 110+ pages during the forecast period and Resveratrol Market report offers a comprehensive research updates and information related to market growth, demand, opportunities in the global Resveratrol Market. This report gives an overview of market valued in the year 2019 and its growth in the coming years till 2025. It also predicts the CAGR.

Get sample copy of Resveratrol Market report @

The report includes the latest coverage of the impact of COVID-19 on the Resveratrol Industry. The incidence has affected nearly every aspect of the business domain. This study evaluates the current scenario and predicts future outcomes of the pandemic on the global economy.

The Resveratrol Market report provides in-depth analysis and insights into developments impacting businesses and enterprises on global and regional level. The report covers the global market performance in terms of revenue contribution from various segments and includes a detailed analysis of key trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities influencing revenue growth of the global industry. This report studies the Resveratrol Market size, industry status and forecast, competition landscape and growth opportunity. This research report categorizes the global Resveratrol Market by companies, region, type and end-use industry.

Top Leading Key Players are:

Jeunesse Global, DSM Nutritionals, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ltd., Resveratrol Enhanced Pty Ltd, Hill Pharmaceutical Co., Andorra Life, Terraternal, ResVitale LLC, Endurance Products Company, ASN Pharmaceutical LLC, Xieli Pharmaceutical, RevGenetics, GlaxoSmithKline and Evolva among others.

Browse the report description and TOC @

The Resveratrol Market report mainly includes the major company profiles with their annual sales & revenue, business strategies, company major products, profits, industry growth parameters, industry contribution on global and regional level. This report covers the Resveratrol Market performance in terms of value and volume contribution. This section also includes major company analysis of key trends, drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities, which are influencing the Resveratrol Market. Impact analysis of key growth drivers and restraints, based on the weighted average model, is included in this report to better equip clients with crystal clear decision-making insights.

Global Resveratrol market is segmented based by type, application and region.

Based on Type, the market has been segmented into:

Form Segment, (Liquid supplements,Powdered form,Red wine pill), Type Segment, (Grape seed extract,Natural resveratrol,Japanese knotweed extract), Distribution channel Segment, (Drug stores,Departmental stores,Hypermarket/supermarket,Online stores,Others)

Based on application, the market has been segmented into:

Application Segment, (Cosmetics,Pharmaceuticals,Dietary supplements,Others)

The Resveratrol Market research report mainly segmented into types, applications and regions. The market overview section highlights the Resveratrol Market definition, taxonomy, and an overview of the parent market across the globe and region wise. To provide better understanding of the global Resveratrol Market, the report includes in-depth analysis of drivers, restraints, and trends in all major regions namely, Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa, which influence the current market scenario and future status of the global Resveratrol Market over the forecast period.

The Resveratrol Market report provides company market size, share analysis in order to give a broader overview of the key players in the market. Additionally, the report also includes key strategic developments of the market including acquisitions & mergers, new product launch, agreements, partnerships, collaborations & joint ventures, research & development, product and regional expansion of major participants involved in the market on the global and regional basis.

Do you have any query or specific requirement? Ask to our industry expert @

About Us :

Adroit Market Research is an India-based business analytics and consulting company. Our target audience is a wide range of corporations, manufacturing companies, product/technology development institutions and industry associations that require understanding of a markets size, key trends, participants and future outlook of an industry. We intend to become our clients knowledge partner and provide them with valuable market insights to help create opportunities that increase their revenues. We follow a code Explore, Learn and Transform. At our core, we are curious people who love to identify and understand industry patterns, create an insightful study around our findings and churn out money-making roadmaps.

Contact Us :

Ryan JohnsonAccount Manager Global3131 McKinney Ave Ste 600, Dallas,TX 75204, U.S.APhone No.: USA: +1 972-362 -8199 / +91 9665341414

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Resveratrol Market Size 2020 Global Industry Insights, Share, Growth, Trend, Demand, Top Players, Opportunities and Forecast to 2025 - Galus Australis

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Resveratrol Market Size, Share, Global Future Trend, Segmentation, Business Growth, Top Key Players, Opportunities and Forecast to 2027 – Owned

New Jersey, United States,- The most recent Resveratrol Market Research study includes some significant activities of the current market size for the worldwide Resveratrol market. It presents a point by point analysis dependent on the exhaustive research of the market elements like market size, development situation, potential opportunities, and operation landscape and trend analysis. This report centers around the Resveratrol business status, presents volume and worth, key market, product type, consumers, regions, and key players.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and is challenging the business landscape globally. Pre and Post COVID-19 market outlook is covered in this report. This is the most recent report, covering the current economic situation after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Key highlights from COVID-19 impact analysis:

Unveiling a brief about the Resveratrol market competitive scope:

The report includes pivotal details about the manufactured products, and in-depth company profile, remuneration, and other production patterns.

The research study encompasses information pertaining to the market share that every company holds, in tandem with the price pattern graph and the gross margins.

Resveratrol Market, By Type

Resveratrol Market, By Application

Other important inclusions in the Resveratrol market report:

A brief overview of the regional landscape:

Reasons To Buy:

About Us:

Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and customized research reports to clients from various industries and organizations with the aim of delivering functional expertise. We provide reports for all industries including Energy, Technology, Manufacturing and Construction, Chemicals and Materials, Food and Beverage, and more. These reports deliver an in-depth study of the market with industry analysis, the market value for regions and countries, and trends that are pertinent to the industry.

Contact Us:

Mr. Steven Fernandes

Market Research Intellect

New Jersey ( USA )

Tel: +1-650-781-4080

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Resveratrol Market Size, Share, Global Future Trend, Segmentation, Business Growth, Top Key Players, Opportunities and Forecast to 2027 - Owned

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