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Success in Cryonics –

Despite the fact that no human placed in a cryonic suspension has yet been revived, some living organisms can be, and have been, brought back from a dead or near-dead state. Many biological specimens, including whole insects, many types of human tissue including brain tissue, and human embryos have been cryogenically preserved, stored at liquid nitrogen temperature where all decay ceases, and revived Continue reading

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CI MEMBER | Cryonics Institute

EMERGENCY RESPONSE FOR A CRYONICS INSTITUTE MEMBER WHO IS IN CRITICAL CONDITION OR LEGALLY DECEASEDCritical Condition If the person is in critical condition or hospice care, collect all required legal documents relating to suspension and confirm plans for standby and transport as soon as possible. If the person has been legally pronounced dead and is currently a CI member, then entirely cover and cool his or her head with bags of crushed ice.Do NOT place ice on a Member until there has been a legal pronouncement of death -- attempt to obtain a pronouncement as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Cryogenics – Wikipedia

In physics, cryogenics is the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures. A person who studies elements that have been subjected to extremely cold temperatures is called a cryogenicist. It is not well-defined at what point on the temperature scale refrigeration ends and cryogenics begins, but scientists assume a gas to be cryogenic if it can be liquefied at or below 150C (123K; 238F).[1] The U.S Continue reading

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Cryopreservation – Wikipedia

Cryo-preservation or cryo-conservation is a process where organelles, cells, tissues, extracellular matrix, organs or any other biological constructs susceptible to damage caused by unregulated chemical kinetics are preserved by cooling to very low temperatures[1] (typically 80C using solid carbon dioxide or 196C using liquid nitrogen). At low enough temperatures, any enzymatic or chemical activity which might cause damage to the biological material in question is effectively stopped Continue reading

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About CI | Cryonics Institute

Stability, Safety, And Security We have a proven track record of financial security and stability, as well as price stability. CI is the only cryonics organization with no debt, no stockholders, and no landlords. Continue reading

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Cryonics – Halopedia, the Halo encyclopedia

Cryonics is the science of preserving a human or other organism in stasis for extended periods of time. Continue reading

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