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Dr. Danielle Brenza Partners with the Exclusive Haute Beauty Network – PR Web

Dr. Brenza remains a master in her field by continuously educating herself on the latest techniques and procedures. She uses state-of-the art equipment, for treatments and procedures, to safely and effectively deliver results with little to no downtime.

SEWELL, N.J. (PRWEB) May 29, 2020

The Haute Beauty Network, well known for its exclusivity, and luxurious lifestyle, is privileged to present Dr. Danielle Brenza as a leading Anti-Aging expert representing the New Jersey market and the newest addition to the Haute Living partnership.

Haute Beauty offers a prominent collective of leading doctors nationwide. The invitation-only exclusive network maintains elite as ever, with only two doctors in every market. This partnership allows Haute Beauty to connect its affluent readers with industry-leading doctors.

Visit Dr. Brenza's website:

About Dr. Danielle Brenza:Dr. Danielle Brenzas goal is to maintain ageless beauty with a gentle conservative, yet comprehensive approach. She has been named Best Physician for Women and Top Doctor in South Jersey, consecutively since 2012. Dr. Brenza is a Diamond Status injector of Allergan Botox and Filler products.

After earning her degree from UNDNJ in 1998, Dr. Brenza completed her internship and one-year residency in Otolaryngology/Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery. She then went on to complete her residency in General Medicine. Following her residency, she continued to study anti-aging medicine and traveled to the west coast to learn the latest advances in aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic Medicine is constantly evolving, Dr. Brenza remains a master in her field by continuously educating herself on the latest techniques and procedures. She uses state-of-the art equipment, for treatments and procedures, to safely and effectively deliver results with little to no downtime.

Ageless Skin and Laser Center is an Aesthetic Medicine practice located in Sewell, NJ. With loyal patients from neighboring towns such as Washington Township, Mullica Hill, Woolwich Township, and Swedesboro, were also convenient for Philadelphia residents who are looking for quality skincare.

Great skin doesnt come from one visit. Just like a great body doesnt come from one visit to the gym. When youre ready to fight the signs of aging, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Brenza.

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Dr. Danielle Brenza Partners with the Exclusive Haute Beauty Network - PR Web

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Virtual Event June 1 Explores Aging, Heart Disease and COVID-19 – Florida Tech Now

Johns Hopkins Professor Explains New Research on Protecting the Most Vulnerable

MELBOURNE, FLA. A medical doctor and researcher at Johns Hopkins University who leads human cardiovascular studies at the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Science at National Institutes of Healths National Institute on Aging will explore the intersection of aging, heart disease and COVID-19 during a free virtual workshop from 1-2:30 p.m. Monday, June 1, organized and hosted by Florida Tech.

Dr. Majd AlGhatrif will discuss why older adults with underlying cardiovascular disease are experiencing increased disease severity and higher mortality rates from COVID-19. These possible connections were highlighted in an April article in the Journal of the American Medical Associations JAMA Cardiology byAlGhatrif and Edward G. Lakatta, both of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Science in NIAs Intramural Research Program, and Oscar Cingolani of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

In their article, the authors propose that using blockers for hormones called angiotensin that affect blood pressure may prevent severe COVID-19, particularly in older adults with low baseline levels of a key anti-inflammatory factor called angiotensin converting enzyme 2, or ACE2. However, this hypothesis needs to be tested in clinical trials with people who have COVID-19 to determine the safety and efficacy of these medications in reducing the risk of developing severe lung disease, they note.

In addition to AlGhatrifs presentation and question-and-answer segment, the event will feature short presentations about several efforts undertaken at Florida Tech in response to the pandemic. Those scheduled to present are:

Marco Carvalho, Ph.D., Florida Techs executive vice president for academics, will offer opening remarks.

To participate online, visit


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Virtual Event June 1 Explores Aging, Heart Disease and COVID-19 - Florida Tech Now

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Hydrangea leaf extract may boost skin health from within: RCT –

Data published in Nutrients indicated that consumption of 300 mg per day and 600 mg per day of the Hydrangea extract for 12 weeks led to significant improvements in skin wrinkles, skin hydration, and skin texture, compared to placebo.

In addition, the statistically significant improvements in skin elasticity compared to placebo at the end of the three-month intervention period were only seen for the higher dose.

Our randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study demonstrated that oral WHS [hot water extract of Hydrangea serrataleaves] supplements produced significant anti-aging effects. Therefore, WHS has potential as a dietary supplement to protect against skin aging in the health functional food, targeting systemic factors regulating skin appearance, wrote the researchers.

According to the researchers, Hydrangea serrata leaves have been consumed as a tea and as medicine in the cultures of Korea, China and Japan. Products formulated with Hydrangea root are already commercially available in the US, mostly positioned to support urinary healthy.

The new study adds to earlier research from the same group, which investigated the potential skin health benefits of the Hydrangea serrata leaves extract in human cells and hairless mice (Han et al. Nutrients 2019, 11(3), 533).

Researchers from the Department of New Material Development at South Korea-basedCOSMAXBIO, which develops and provides ingredients to cosmetics brands around the world, continued to be involved in the research, which was led by scientists from Kyung Hee University in Seoul.

The South Korean researchers recruited 151 people and randomly assigned them to one of three groups: The WHS at 300 mg per day, WHS at 600 mg per day, or placebo for 12 weeks. Skin measures were taken after weeks four, eight, and 12 weeks.

The data showed that facial wrinkles showed that both Hydrangea groups experienced significant reductions in crows feet around the eyes after eight and 12 weeks, compared to placebo.

[T]he improvement in skin wrinkles following WHS intake is consistent with the previous study, in which the expression of MMPs (MMP-1 and MMP-3) is downregulated by oral WHS administration in UVB-irradiated mice, thereby increasing the collagen content in the skin and reducing wrinkle formation, wrote the researchers.

Moreover, both Hydrangea groups experienced statistically significant improvements in skin hydration after 12 weeks, compared to placebo.

Only the 600 mg per day dose led to significant improvement in overall elasticity, net elasticity, and ratio of elastic recovery to total deformation, compared to placebo.

Although the underlying mechanisms by which WHS improves skin wrinkles, hydration, elasticity, texture, and roughness were not investigated in this clinical trial, we suggest that the WHS supplement may have a positive effect on collagen decomposition based on the previous in vitro and in vivo studies, wrote the researchers.

Additionally, these preventive skin aging effects of WHS may be mediated through the anti-oxidative activities of hydrangenol, an active-constituent of H. serrata.

Importantly, the researchers added that the Hydrangea extract was found to be safe for human consumption at the dosage studied, noting that data from acute toxicology studies with rats have showed that oral consumption of this hot water extract of H. serrata leaves did not produce toxicity or mortality up to 5,000 mg/kg.

Source: Nutrients 2020, 12(6), 1588; doi: 10.3390/nu12061588Oral Intake of Hydrangea serrata(Thunb.) Ser. Leaves Extract Improves Wrinkles, Hydration, Elasticity, Texture, and Roughness in Human Skin: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled StudyAuthors: Da-Bin Myung et al.

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Hydrangea leaf extract may boost skin health from within: RCT -

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2020-2026 Anti-Aging Drugs Market Research by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications – News Distinct

This report studies the Anti-Aging Drugs Market with many aspects of the industry like the market size, market status, market trends and forecast, the report also provides brief information of the competitors and the specific growth opportunities with key market drivers. Find the complete Anti-Aging Drugs Market analysis segmented by companies, region, type and applications in the report.

Market Segment by Companies: PrivateLabelSk, Allergan, Johnson and Johnson, Alma Lasers, Photomedex, Este Lauder, Lumenis, Solta Medical, Beiersdorf, Cynosure, Procter & Gamble, LOreal, and more

Get a Sample Copy @

Anti-Aging Drugs Market continues to evolve and expand in terms of the number of companies, products, and applications that illustrates the growth perspectives. The report also covers the list of Product range and Applications with SWOT analysis, CAGR value, further adding the essential business analytics. Anti-Aging Drugs Market research analysis identifies the latest trends and primary factors responsible for market growth enabling the Organizations to flourish with much exposure to the markets.

Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers:

Research Objectives:

Inquire More about This Report @

The Anti-Aging Drugs Market research report completely covers the vital statistics of the capacity, production, value, cost/profit, supply/demand import/export, further divided by company and country, and by application/type for best possible updated data representation in the figures, tables, pie chart, and graphs. These data representations provide predictive data regarding the future estimations for convincing market growth. The detailed and comprehensive knowledge about our publishers makes us out of the box in case of market analysis.

Table of Contents:

Key questions answered in this report:

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About Us: allocates the globally available market research and many company reports from reputed market research companies that are a pioneer in their respective domains. We are completely an autonomous group and serves our clients by offering the trustworthy available research stuff, as we know this is an essential aspect of Market Research.

Contact Us:

Sanjay Jain

Manager Partner Relations & International Marketing

Ph: +1-352-353-0818 (US)

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2020-2026 Anti-Aging Drugs Market Research by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications - News Distinct

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From Hands-On to Home-Based Care: Physical Therapy Undergoes a Paradigm Shift Due to Pandemic –

A providers perspective on how the coronavirus has reshaped physical therapy and pain rehabilitation services. Plus, clinical recommendations for exercises and devices patients can use at home.

This period in our history has been difficult in so many ways, testing our resolve as a nation and our resilience as a community. However, difficult times inspire innovative solutions and on the physical therapy and rehabilitation front, we are switching gears.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has perhaps unexpectedly - provided us with an opportunity to gain insight into what patients deem important in the long term. This provider perspective details how my clinic has adjusted care and where our practice sees things settling.

In keeping with state-mandated orders to provide only essential and emergency services, my outpatient physical therapy pain practice in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has reduced patient volume by 90% since February 2020. Our staff is practicing social distancing and mask-wearing. Those patients entering our clinic consist primarily of post-operative patients and those unable to control their pain through pharmacotherapy alone.

This forced break in our usual two- or three-sessions-a-week routine for physical therapy (PT) patients has created what in research we call a washout period that is, a time period when the experimental intervention fades until there is no longer any remnant and the next step is taken without concern for contamination.

For patients, it has washed away the habit of coming into therapy simply because thats what you are supposed to do and/or what their doctor prescribed. Those patients who felt any degree of ambivalence about the benefits of PT now have the perfect excuse to discontinue without feeling guilty or be labeled as noncompliant.

It will be interesting to see the effects of this mandated service delivery break on re-enrollment of patients once executive orders around the closure of non-essential businesses are lifted. In the meantime, we have been communicating to patients that staying physically active is crucial to both musculoskeletal (MSK) and overall health, and we have been providing them with exercises and a structured plan to follow (more on this below).

From the practice angle, we recognize that the true value of PT services can only be measured by the end-user (ie, the patient). So for small businesses like mine, a few questions have arisen: Do we have to be all things to all patients, and will they think any less of us if we are not? How do we continue to provide services to those patients who wish to continue? Do they need to be present in person? What about those patients who do not want to continue but, clinically speaking, should?

While telemedicine has served as an answer to many provider communities, PT is about hands-on service provision. Initially, I could not imagine what type of virtual visit would be worthwhile to a patient. But after challenging my own assumptions, I have discovered some value associated with this alternative.

Soon after our state went into lockdown, my practice decided to remain committed to the idea that our services were best delivered face-to-face and that virtual sessions in the scope of physical therapy benefitted the provider more than the patient. We found, however, that many of our patients were not only willing to become more self- responsible, they fully expected it. They did not wish to simply stay home and wallow in pain until facilities reopened; they wanted to be guided through a home pain therapy plan and virtually coached through any queries or problems. And so, with the spread of infectious disease, our old ways of doing things went out the window and we welcomed a new service delivery model (imperfect as it was).

Below are some of the tools and regimens we have been using to provide relief remotely to our pain patient population during this time of crisis.

We are sharing with our patients exercise illustrations, along with step-by-step instructions as to the number of repetitions and sets, which we then review via video telemedicine for proper form and to answer any questions.

We have shared with our patients exercise illustrations, along with step-by-step instructions as to the number of repetitions and sets, for each of the programs below, which we then review through a telemedicine/video visit for proper form and to answer any questions.

Stretching:By far, the most requested do-at-home intervention from our patients has been the provision of varied stretches for whatever area is hurting. Although the exercise science literature on stretching has not been 100% supportive of the performance benefits associated with improving flexibility, the rehabilitation literature has been more optimistic regarding the use of soft-tissue stretching as a means to reduce disability.1,2

Specific stretches can help to reduce pain and make muscle contraction more efficient.3 Stretches can also release entrapped nerves and elongate painful and restrictive scar and fibrotic tissue.4,5

Stretching programs can be illustrated to show patients proper form and to guide them through the specifics, such as right or left side, number of repetitions, hold time, and the number of sets and sessions per day (see Figure 1, Spine Stretch and Figure 2, Hip Stretch).

Resistance Training: Another prominent request from patients has been for exercises that build strength, stamina, and endurance in the muscles and in the heart and lungs (cardiopulmonary), as well as for aerobic exercises.

Apart from compliance, strength training is well recognized to reduce musculoskeletal (MSK) pain.6,7 There are many simple and inexpensive ways that a resistance circuit can be devised using stationary objects, leather belts, or even a table leg. Our practice has also mailed TheraBand kits to some patients (see Figure 3, Shoulder Stretches with Bands). These bands are heavy duty resistance bands that are color-coded according to tensile strength.

Core Stability Training: Core training, not just for strengthening purposes but also as a motor control exercise, can link MSK functions with genito-urinary regulation, including incontinence which is a significant problem in people of all genders and ages.8,9

The training stimulus for stabilization exercises is different than stretch, strength, or aerobic training exercises in that stability training is done daily and is not meant to be effort-based. Training adaptations are not related to increases in fiber diameter or cross-sectional area of muscle but rather, work more like a switch that is turned on or off.

The use of ultrasound imaging has elucidated the value of using dynamic and destabilizing motions during core training exercise to maximize the magnitude of the core activation response.10,11 Figure 4 provides an example of a simple core exercise that most people can do using a stability ball as a prop.

Several devices have demonstrated effectiveness at providing clinical-grade pain relief in the home setting which is often preferred and should almost always be considered over prescription pain medicine some of which can raise kidney or liver toxicity concerns when possible. These devices are time-tested and have virtually no universally acknowledged adverse effects when used according to their instruction manual.

Each device approaches pain relief via a different mechanism of action (MOA). Below are a few options I have used with and recommended to my patients, but there are many more available and worth exploring.

Electrotherapy. The use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and microcurrent nerve stimulation (MENS) offer low costs and wide availability.

The TENS device applies an electrical current to the surface of the skin that is designed to stimulate cutaneous nerve endings. The spinal cord is thereby flooded with noise so that the pain signal no longer registers in the brain. Depending on the stimulation parameters, these units may stimulate the release of endorphins/enkaphalins and dynorphins as well.

MENS, also referred to as subliminal stimulation, uses exponentially less amperage. But do not let the current strength fool you - it can provide powerful pain relief. The lower current accompanied by changes in pulse frequency equates to less skin resistance and improved impedance so that the target tissue receives all the stimulation it needs to promote healing and recovery.12

As with any modality, not all patients may respond to these devices.

Example: VibraCool. More on whole body vibrationfor pain management.

Willow Curve (image courtesy of manufacturer)

Phototherapy/Light Therapy. The use of light therapy can include applications involving light emitting diodes (LEDs), infra-red and/or ultraviolet lamps, and laser devices each with its own proprietary nuances. It is not the purpose of this report to provide comparative effectiveness but most of these devices have found a place in either human performance or rehabilitative care of injury and recovery of function.

Example: The Willow Curve is one example of a combination LED/laser device that available to the public without medical prescription. This device can provide medical-grade pain relief at an affordable price and has a wide array of applications from wound healing to straight-forward pain relief using infra-red light combined with artificial intelligence. Our practice has found this device to be popular among patients.

More on light therapy/photobiomodulation for chronic pain conditions.

Vibration Technology.The literature on exercise science and health and human performance has grown exponentially over the past decade, especially regarding the use of vibration devices. Whole body vibration training (WBV) has become a staple at many fitness and anti-aging centers across the country as an exercise recovery intervention13 but continues to be rather controversial. For pain relief, there is evidence supporting the use of these WBV plates/platforms for conditions such as chronic non-specific lower spine pain in that the technology may induce musculo-tendinous changes in soft tissue architecture.14,15

Examples:Our team has found that traditional WBV devices typically provide general pain-relieving effects, however, these devices are not necessarily feasible or available for home use.

A new portable and more specific device (VibraCool) was developed not long ago and has become a popular home pain device. Originally developed for pediatric application (Buzzy) to provide numbness over a topical area that is about to be inoculated, this device can provide adult-sized analgesia in a matter of minutes by simply placing it over the painful body part. The device has a wide spectrum of usage, from sports injuries to chronic idiopathic pain in the sacroiliac region or lower spine.

The Oska Pulse is another option. See prior review

NormaTech (image courtesy of manufacturer)

Vasopneumatic/Compression Devices.The use of compression sleeves for the lower or upper body has grown in application after research suggested it may have benefits beyond removing excessive extracellular fluid. There is evidence to suggest that intermittent decompression may cause epigenetic changes in muscle, for example, that would stimulate both capillary and protein expression benefits from both a human performance and human disability (sarcopenia) perspective.16,17

Evidence continues to grow regarding the use of intermittent decompression in accelerating the recovery of exercise-induced soreness and even stimulating improved muscle function compared to passive recovery as well.18

Example: Our facility has used the NormaTech device to treat persistent swelling in the extremities from lymphedema or secondary to orthopedic surgery, but also as a post-workout recovery tool that facilitates resolution of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Although many challenges have been set into motion for the medical community and so many others it would be disappointing to not use this time as an opportunity to embrace change and explore innovation. In the physical therapy and pain rehabilitation setting, telemedicine and virtual platforms have placed greater emphasis on home-care and self-care options for our patients.

While our face-to-face communication has shifted from hands-on service provision to verbal coaching and visual demonstrations, these contingency options may very well have longer-term, unintended benefits. As patients come to better understand the limitations of our medical and public health systems, they will value having a home pain therapy plan in place for the next potential public health crisis.

All exercise figures provided by the author.The author has no financial or other ties to the products/manufacturers mentioned.

Last updated on: May 28, 2020

Telemedicine for HCPs: Lessons Learned From a Mental Health Professional

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From Hands-On to Home-Based Care: Physical Therapy Undergoes a Paradigm Shift Due to Pandemic -

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The medical Adele reveals the secret to his weight loss and it is not the exercise – Play Crazy Game

Dominique Fradin-Read is the doctor who has achieved that Adele has lost weight over 70 kilos in the last few months. A radical change which, until now, prevented millions of people from all over the world guessing, as no one knew how it had been accomplished. Now, the doctor has revealed to you what is your trick to slimming down and has made it clear that this is not sport.

The artist is unrecognizable after undergoing a slimming process in which your doctor, based in Los Angeles, has had much to do. Fradin-Read has shared the secret that you use with all their clients, insisting that it is not only exercise, but the process has a lot to do with the mood and mental health.


The products are high in saturated fats or refined carbohydrates, and add a lot of calories may boycott our plan to lose weight

Dominique Fradin-Read has explained to US Weekly weight loss is not just exercisebut the sport should be a part of a transformation of the broader lifestyle of the person. That is why, ensures that the mental health and well-being of those who want to lose weight are just as important as the diet and physical exercise.

The doctor points out that the first thing I tell my patients is that, in regards to weight loss, diet and exercise alone will not be sufficient in the majority of cases. It is one of the reasons that many people suffer from the dreaded rebound effect after submitting to a diet, recovering all the lost weight.

Dr. Fradin-Read stresses the importance of the study to each patient from a global point of view, not only thinking about slimming

However, in addition to focusing on weight loss you have to do it in the persons life in general: Many patients who come to us tried to lose weight previously, but did not succeed and it was recovered, and even more. For successful weight loss and sustainable, we must look at the person in whole and not only addressing the weight separately.

Thats why, subject each patient to a detailed study: We analyzed the metabolic function: how the patient is beginning to develop insulin resistance? We observed the hormone, such an important part of the weight gain in the menopause. We investigated the levels of thyroid and cortisol. We have in mind the habits: why do most of us behave well all day and we crashed for the night? We evaluate the stress and sleep. We talk about mood and mental health. When addressing all of these elements, then we can start a custom diet and to recommend the exercise as needed, Then work.

Fradin-Read does not want to talk explicitly about Adele, because he has moral and legal obligations to protect the privacy of all patients, both mine as others. For that reason, I can not confirm nor deny any informationbut yes, I like to talk about my work as a health and various treatments, therapies, products and services offered by my practice, but do not provide information about specific individuals.

Dr. Fradin-Read is licensed in preventive medicine and anti-aging, in addition to possessing a university degree in nutrition. Part of its success lies in the fact that, when he starts working with a patient, what makes it so intensive: I Combine all the tools and methods in our therapeutic arsenal, starting with approaches that are more natural and changes in lifestyle, vitamins / supplements, to recommend peptides, rebalance hormones, and finally prescribe medications that are appropriate for each patient.


A handful of nuts each day is indicated in any weight loss plan for its magnificent nutritional qualities

One of the tips that you share with all your customers is embrace the mediterranean diet, as well as the healthy menus suggested by the chef, Michel Gurard: the objective is to create balanced meals and customized for each client. The doctor develops a method for visual to make all of you to imagine a plate divided into several parts: green vegetables should occupy approximately two-thirds of the plate; protein-good source of one-third and the last part is reserved to the carbs. And, in addition, you can add healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado or nuts.

Fradin-Read also emphasizes that the notion of the pleasure of eating is at the base of a successful diet in the long term. For this reason, it is important to create a personalized diet for each person and that is not always the sameWe are all different when it comes to our weight and, therefore, the same diet that works for one person might not work at another; it may even be that not even serve for the same person during all his life.

First recommend structural changes in the style of life, rebalancing the hormones and finally, prescribe appropriate drugs

A good diet to lose weight, according to dr. Fradin-Read, would be comprised of foods that are rich in nutrients, protein, good carbs, healthy fats and dairy. You can even add a glass of wine any day of the week. The goal is that people find good about yourself and maintain that commitment throughout his life.

Thats why, along with their processes of thinning, the american medical also offers a program anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. It does this by means of a test to assess the DNA of each person that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses that the body will have in the future. A formula called TruAge that aims to find biomarkers that will allow you to detect in advance various conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers disease, cancer and others.

The medical Adele reveals the secret to his weight loss and it is not the exercise - Play Crazy Game

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