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Heart Disease

Just having a blood lead level that is "normal", increases your chance of cancer 68%, increases your chance of early death from any cause by 46%, and death from cardiovascular disease 33%. Today it is imperative for anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate issues, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, cancer or for preventative health measures to test for heavy metals.

EDTA and the Cardiovascular Effect

EDTA chelation therapy is a method for removing heavy and toxic metals from the body. It has been well-established and accepted as a standard medical procedure for over 50 years, and is approved by the FDA for the treatment of lead toxicity. Using EDTA chelation therapy to treat degenerative diseases has met with extensive resistance from mainstream medicine. The reason for this is obvious to most people. Read more...

AyurGold for Healthy Blood

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Sunlight May Help Protect Men From Kidney Cancer

(HealthDay News) -- Men with jobs that expose them to high levels of sunlight are less likely to develop kidney cancer than those with little or no sunlight exposure at work, says a new study.

Previous research suggests that vitamin D, which is obtained from sun exposure and certain foods and supplements, may help prevent some cancers. Vitamin D is metabolized and most active within the kidneys.

This new study included 1,097 male and female kidney cancer patients and 1,476 healthy people in Europe who were interviewed about their work history and other demographic information.

Men with the highest levels of work-related exposure to sunlight were 24 percent to 38 percent less likely to have kidney cancer than other men. This association between job-related sunlight exposure and kidney cancer risk was not seen in women.

The study is published online March 8 in the journal Cancer. Read more...

Joint Mender for Joint Care

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Water Test Finds Toxic Substance

By Carol D. Leonnig

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, November 19, 2004; Page B01

A more refined test of the water in the Washington Aqueduct has revealed the presence of perchlorate, a toxic chemical typically found in weapons and explosives, federal officials said yesterday.

The discovery of the chemical in the water supply challenges the prevailing theory of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which has argued that contamination from buried World War I munitions in the Spring Valley neighborhood to the north poses no threat to Dalecarlia Reservoir along MacArthur Avenue NW.

Thomas P. Jacobus, chief of the Washington Aqueduct, said perchlorate in the reservoir measured between 1.2 and 1.8 parts per billion (ppb) and did not pose a health risk. He said he has ordered weekly tests of the water and is recommending that the corps accelerate its search for the source of perchlorate contamination.

"I'm obviously concerned about anything that has to do with drinking water. . . . But there is no cause for alarm," Jacobus said. Read more...

Ayurtox for Body Detoxification

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