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Download Complete Anatomy –

Medical students are accustomed to spending many hours with their anatomy books in hand, but it is not easy to understand more about the human body when all you have to work with are static 2D representations. Complete Anatomy is a state-of-the-art educational solution that aims to take full advantage of the capabilities offered by modern PCs in order to provide you with an intuitive, interactive learning platform. Continue reading

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Clinically Oriented Anatomy: 9781496347213: Medicine …

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Veins Posterior Fossa |

VEINS OF THE POSTERIOR FOSSA INTRODUCTION This is a particularly daunting topic, requiring muchtime and material, which delayed the development of this section until recently. The posterior fossa venous system is highly variable andconsequently suffers from highly decentralized nomenclature. Its importance however is not diminished by these issues Continue reading

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Hoof Anatomy A Beginners Guide The Equine Podiatry …

The horses hoof is a miracle of engineering. It contains a whole host of structures which, when healthy, operate in equilibrium with each other to form a hoof capsule which is able to withstand huge forces, utilising energy to assist with forward movement while providing protection to the sensitive structures beneath. Continue reading

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Internal Carotid Artery and Its Aneurysms |

Tribute: The creation of this page is a direct result of the catastrophe wrecked on the United States Northeast by Hurricaine Sandy, which extensively damaged both NYU Langone Medical Center and Bellevue leading to their prolonged shutdown and our secondary over-indulgencein academic productivity. Continue reading

Posted in Anatomy | Comments Off on Internal Carotid Artery and Its Aneurysms | – review human anatomy in pictures – review human anatomy in pictures {“data”: [{“identifier”: “origin”, “item_id”: 6795, “id”: 241, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 10.0, “name”: “Origins”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “nerve”, “item_id”: 6796, “id”: 245, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 40.0, “name”: “Nerve supply”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “branch_artery”, “item_id”: 12237, “id”: 391, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 10.0, “name”: “Artery branching”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “05”, “item_id”: 781, “id”: 51, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 5.0, “name”: “Digestive system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “cranialfossa”, “item_id”: 9566, “id”: 386, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Cranial fossa”, “type”: “subrelation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “vessels”, “item_id”: 9235, “id”: 354, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Vessels”, “type”: “subrelation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “tributary_transitive”, “item_id”: 9584, “id”: 387, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 80.0, “name”: “Veins”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “premium-demo”, “item_id”: 9423, “id”: 364, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Premium Demo”, “type”: null, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “08”, “item_id”: 782, “id”: 53, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 8.0, “name”: “Genital system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “09”, “item_id”: 3205, “id”: 85, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 9.0, “name”: “Heart and blood vessels”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “demo”, “item_id”: 9424, “id”: 369, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Premium Demo”, “type”: null, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “images”, “item_id”: 6599, “id”: 235, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Terms in images”, “type”: “super”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “02”, “item_id”: 774, “id”: 37, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 2.0, “name”: “Bones”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “action”, “item_id”: 6799, “id”: 257, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 50.0, “name”: “Actions”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “03”, “item_id”: 775, “id”: 39, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 3.0, “name”: “Joints”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “01”, “item_id”: 777, “id”: 43, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 1.0, “name”: “General anatomy”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “06”, “item_id”: 778, “id”: 45, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 6.0, “name”: “Respiratory system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “07”, “item_id”: 779, “id”: 47, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 7.0, “name”: “Urinary system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “04”, “item_id”: 780, “id”: 49, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 4.0, “name”: “Muscles”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “insertion”, “item_id”: 6798, “id”: 253, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 20.0, “name”: “Insertions”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “Hb”, “item_id”: 790, “id”: 69, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 200.0, “name”: “Head – Brain”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “relations”, “item_id”: 6797, “id”: 249, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Relations”, “type”: “super”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “Hf”, “item_id”: 791, “id”: 71, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 100.0, “name”: “Head – Face”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “A”, “item_id”: 788, “id”: 65, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 600.0, “name”: “Abdomen”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “B”, “item_id”: 787, “id”: 63, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 700.0, “name”: “Back”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “N”, “item_id”: 784, “id”: 57, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 300.0, “name”: “Neck”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “P”, “item_id”: 786, “id”: 61, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 800.0, “name”: “Pelvis”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “LE”, “item_id”: 776, “id”: 41, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 900.0, “name”: “Lower Extremity”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “T”, “item_id”: 789, “id”: 67, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 500.0, “name”: “Thorax”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “11”, “item_id”: 3206, “id”: 87, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 11.0, “name”: “Peripheral nervous system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “artery”, “item_id”: 6800, “id”: 261, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 30.0, “name”: “Arterial supply”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “antagonist”, “item_id”: 6801, “id”: 265, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 60.0, “name”: “Antagonists”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “10”, “item_id”: 3207, “id”: 89, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 10.0, “name”: “Lymphatic and immune system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “13”, “item_id”: 3208, “id”: 91, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 13.0, “name”: “Sense and skin”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “12”, “item_id”: 3209, “id”: 93, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 12.0, “name”: “Central nervous system”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “15”, “item_id”: 3210, “id”: 95, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 15.0, “name”: “Topography”, “type”: “system”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “UE”, “item_id”: 783, “id”: 55, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 400.0, “name”: “Upper Extremity”, “type”: “location”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “foramina”, “item_id”: 9543, “id”: 381, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 70.0, “name”: “Foramina”, “type”: “relation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “nerves”, “item_id”: 9236, “id”: 358, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Nerves”, “type”: “subrelation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}, {“identifier”: “bone”, “item_id”: 9237, “id”: 362, “lang”: “en”, “display_priority”: 0.0, “name”: “Bones”, “type”: “subrelation”, “active”: true, “object_type”: “fc_category”}]} Skull Hearth Brain Practice medical anatomy with personalized questions. Me si vybrat, co chce procviovat. Obrzky jsou setzeny podle orgnovho systmu a zkladnho umstn na tle. Continue reading

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