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BioTalent Canada’s Animation to Promote Accessibility in … – Yahoo Finance

Posted: April 21, 2017 at 4:43 am


BioTalent Canada announced today that its animated short, Expanding Accessibility in Biotechnology, has won the Platinum Award for Motion Graphics Information at the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition overseen by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP). The award showcases the talent and creativity of marketing and communications professionals, many of whom have contributed to public service or charitable organizations.

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Expanding Accessibility in Biotechnology was created as part of BioTalent Canadas Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) employer-awareness campaign, launched in 2016 and funded in part through the Government of Ontarios EnAbling Change Program. The campaign aims to reach and educate bio-economy employers on compliance with the new AODA accessibility standards.

As a national non-profit HR association for the Canadian biotechnology industry, BioTalent Canada works to ensure that the bio-economy has access to the talent it needs. According to research by the organization, only 7.6% of bio-economy companies had persons with disabilities on staff.

BioTalent Canadas animation seeks to increase awareness among employers on the importance of persons with disabilities as a strategically valuable labour market for Canadas biotechnology sector. Developed by eSolutions Group, the animation addresses the importance of creating an inclusive and diverse workforce, which in turn strengthens an organizations innovation.

Canadians with disabilities represent a valuable labour market, one which is under-represented in the bio-economy, says Rob Henderson, BioTalent Canadas President and CEO. It is encouraging to see an animation focused on the benefits of diversity win this award and get showcased at an international level.

Along with the animated short, BioTalent Canada is hosting events across Ontario to educate and train employers on AODAs accessibility standards and what they need to do to comply. The next event will be taking place on April 25th, in the heart of the City of Mississaugas life sciences core.

For more information on the Expanding Accessibility in Biotechnology event in Mississauga, or to register, visit BioTalent Canadas event page.

About BioTalent Canada

BioTalent Canada is the HR partner of Canadas bio-economy. As an HR expert and national non-profit organization, BioTalent Canada focuses on building partnerships and skills for Canadas bio-economy to ensure the industry has access to job-ready people. Through projects, research and product development BioTalent Canada connects employers with job seekers, delivers human resource information and skills development tools so the industry can focus on strengthening Canadas biotech business. For more information, please visit

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BioTalent Canada’s Animation to Promote Accessibility in … – Yahoo Finance

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