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Zhengzhou Bainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd. – Polylysine …

Posted: February 1, 2019 at 3:45 pm

Bainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd. was founded in December, 2007 with registered capital of 10 million RMB and a production area of 55,000 square meters. We are a high-tech enterprise researching and producing all sorts of natural biological products, such as organic food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates. We have 120 employees, and 90% of the employees have received post-secondary education or above.

The equipment for production is the most advanced in China. All the systems, including Fermentation System, Purification System and Synchronized Supporting System, are all excellent. Meanwhile, the management system is a successful example. We have obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO22000:2006 food safety management system certifications.

Banafo is strong in scientific research, with an experienced Research and Development team. Closely and widely cooperating with many biotechnology / food industry research & industry institutions, our company is professionally committed to the research, production and popularizing of biotechnology and natural food additives based on high standards. We are dedicated to building up a world-famous brand for Chinese natural food additive industry under the entrepreneurial tenet of "Heaven's favorable weather, earth's advantageous terrain and human unity". By adhering to the spirit of "harmony, integrity, innovation and dedication" & insisting on taking scientific research as the guide; high-tech as the core; high-end market as the carrier, we have strong technical support to maintain rapid and sustainable development.

Currently, we have a set of patented technology and products with our own intellectual property rights. Glutathione, polylysine daptomycin, epothilone, nisin, and natamycin, and other biological composite preservatives for meat, starch, pickles, soup, cans and alcohol are our main products. We keep the market-oriented policy & make full use of our technology and clients to develop new competitive products that satisfy markets, to realize the great-leap-forward development and to get economic and social benefits.

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Zhengzhou Bainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd. - Polylysine ...

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