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Biology MA | Temple University

Posted: January 9, 2019 at 11:44 am

The Master of Arts in Biology in the College of Science and Technology at Temple emphasizes contemporary coursework for students to gain advanced understanding within the field of modern biology. Students are prepared for professional schools or careers in fields related to the biological sciences. The Biology MA is a part-time or full-time graduate program, and it is tailored for students seeking graduate studies in the biological sciences without experimental research in labs. Compared to the Biology MS, the Biology MA program focuses primarily on coursework and independent research and helpsyou form expertise in one or more areas of biology, such as molecular biology and genetics, among others.

As a result of thecurriculum's emphasis oncoursework, youll develop the analytical thinking skills necessary for biological research and literature review. Interdisciplinary coursework includes

All Biology MA students produce a written, nonresearch literature thesis in the final year ofthe masters program. Youll become proficient in researching, investigating and interpreting primary scientific literature. Graduates are able to writeauthoritative, critical and in-depth scientific reviews.

Although much of your time in the Biology MA program will be spent in class, youll have access to the Department of Biologys centers and institutes, including the Center for Biodiversity, the Institute for Contemporary Molecular Science and the Sbarro Health Research Organization.

Learn more about the College of Science and Technologys centers, facilities and institutes.

To earn the Biology MA, students must successfully complete the degrees culminating event, which is the masters nonresearch literature thesis. This is an original research study that presents a problem in the biological sciences based on a rigorous review of literature in the biological sciences, as well as demonstrates a students advanced knowledge of research methods and mastery of the primary area of interest.

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Biology MA | Temple University

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