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Anti-aging Medicine Medical Care Spain

Posted: September 8, 2018 at 5:45 pm

Anti-aging MedicineWhat is anti-aging medicine?

Since the beginning of time human beings have tried, by all means available, to prolong life, dedicating great efforts and huge resources to this end throughout history. But it is only relatively recently that we have managed, with a scientific basis and ample verification, to delay our biological clock. And this is the objective of Anti-aging Medicine: to delay the signs of aging and to provide the tools, solutions and attitudes necessary to ensure the quality of life of the individual is maintained at optimum level, despite his or her chronological aging.

It is common for the biological age of an individual to not coincide with their chronological age (people who do not appear or do not feel the age they are, looking or feeling either older or younger). It is above all in people who look or feel older than their true age that their inclusion on an Anti-aging programme would be justified. But suitability depends not so much on chronological age, but rather on the style and quality of life of the individual, as Anti-aging Medicine and Preventive Medicine share many of their basic pillars and seek common goals, such as for example, the long term health of the individual.

The first basic pillar would be the early detection of cellular aging due to oxidative processes, which are the origin of the appearance of free radicals, in order to prevent and correct diseases which would otherwise reduce the quality of life of the individual in the medium-long term. And the second basic pillar would be to halt this vital deterioration with treatments aimed at the reduction of said free radicals and the early detection of diseases or risk factors which predispose us to them.

There are personalised protocols for each patient, but tests could include full analytical profiles of blood, urine, protein markers, hormones, liver, kidney, digestion, sight, hearing, stress, etc., as well as an evaluation of the cardiovascular system which includes an electrocardiogram and direct of indirect stress test. Once these tests have been performed, the results obtained are entered into specific software used in Anti-aging Medicine, with which the normal ratios and ranges are obtained for each of said results, as well as graphs of the historical evolution of the patient and a theoretical calculation of the objectives for the patients treatment.

With the data obtained from the medical examination, we obtain a very clear picture of the individuals situation. It is from this moment on when personalised solutions are proposed to the patient for their current and specific situation, which may include diets, physical exercise plans, stress monitoring and vitamin supplements, antioxidants, enzymatics, minerals and mineral nutrients necessary for recovering an optimal and healthy balance. Of course, in the event that the medical examination of the patient detects any disorder that requires treatment by a specialist, the patient would be referred to said specialist, with the following specialties at our disposal: cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology, gynaecology, surgery (including plastic surgery), cosmetic medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy, etc.

Our objective, through Anti-aging Medicine, is to achieve for each patient a state and sensation of physical and psychological wellbeing which is prolonged over time, regardless of chronological age.

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Anti-aging Medicine Medical Care Spain

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