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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: ‘Civil War’ –

Posted: March 14, 2017 at 8:41 am

Meredith whos baaack opens the episode talking about a father who sent both of his sons to fight on either side of the Civil War, an apt story considering almost everyone in the hospital is in a small, personal war against at least one or two of their colleagues. (Though considering the episode is titled Civil War, Im not sure what else we could expect.)

That said, here is how the battle lines were drawn:

Catherine vs. Richard

The Chief is sleeping in the hospitals on-call rooms, which prompts him to request that Bailey replace all the mattresses with something that provides lumbar support. But the bigger issue, of course, is that he feels that the longer Minnick stays, the more the other members of the hospital staff will grow to love him something Arizona tries to talk him out of.

However, Richard cant keep ignoring Catherine who suggested he can come sleep at home forever, as theyre both operating on the same patient, a man whos been in a deep fryer-related accident courtesy of his friends boyfriend. Of course part of this is Richards annoyance that Catherine would dare to watch Hamilton in Chicago without him.

Later in the night, Richard asks Arizona if he can stay with her, but she mentions her date (not telling him its actually with Minnick), so he decides to pull an all-nighter at the hospital instead. Only the patient gets into trouble and needs to be operated on, but when all the doctors get in, Ben is already operating on him. Catherine tells Richard to step in, but he says that Jacksons got it.

After the surgery, Jackson gets mad at Richard for basically using Minnicks method, but the former Chief points out that he was teaching the way hes always taught; its just that Ben is a very capable second year resident. He also doesnt want to tear mother and son apart, especially seeing the younger Avery rail against Catherine this entire episode. But Jackson just responds that his mother wont stop because she wants things her way.

Later, Richard walks in on Arizona and Minnick as theyre about to kiss, following a long night where they just slept on a hospital couch instead of going back to Arizonas place, where Minnick was going to make her pierogies. As he apologizes and leaves, Richard shoots Arizona a hurt look, and its clear that she too feels awful.

Back in an on-call room, Catherine asks Richard to come home and get a good night of sleep. He tells her he didnt want to come between her and Jackson. He then sleeps in the on-call room. She wishes him a good night and leaves.

Jackson vs. Catherine and April

Jackson blames this whole thing on his mother, and he sees April, who is frustrated by having to give Meredith her job back, as a traitor. First he goes and tells his mom that as the Avery Foundation representative on the hospitals board, hes going over her head, then hes very short with her as they attempt to work on the groups trauma patient.

It doesnt help matters that Catherine, who feels April has earned her position and is proud of her work, is planning to take the trauma surgeon to Chicago with her so the Avery Foundation hospital doctors there can learn from her. (They also plan on seeing Hamiltonand going on a boat tour, which Ben says is lovely. So, you know, theres that.)

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: ‘Civil War’ –

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