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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Poll: Will Dr. Stephanie Edwards Be Found Dead or … – BuddyTV (blog)

Posted: May 16, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Being a doctor at Grey Sloane (formerly Seattle Grace/Seattle Grace Mercy West) Hospital ain’t easy. Sure, everybody is incredibly hot, and each physician performs miracles on a daily basis, but the staff also has the bad luckof being killed off tragically. On Grey’s Anatomy, the latest possible casualty to start her shift and not ever clock out (or punch out using the big time clock in the sky) is Dr. Stephanie Edwards. Edwards is the Top Gun of surgical residents, the best of the best, but the words “bright future” took on a whole new meaning when, at the end of episode 23, “True Colors,” Edwards was caught in an explosion ignited by one burning, homicidal maniac and some oxygen tanks. Will Edwards be found alive, or will all that’s left be a charcoal briquette? Grey’s Anatomy Prepares to Lose a Doctor>>>

Why She’s Dead

After being taken hostage by a rapist, Edwards found herself trapped on a floor of the hospital with the man, Keith, and a young girl, Erin, when the hospital was put on lockdown. In a last-ditch effort to escape, Keith decided to light a fire to trigger the sprinklers and open a door. To save herself and Erin, Edwards doused Keith with some flammable liquid, and took cover with the girl in a nearby room. But Keith inconveniently decided to drop dead near some oxygen tanks, forcing Edwards to try and derail the inevitable outcome.

The last viewers saw, a hugeexplosion threw Edwards backwards. If Edwards survived the blast, she’s still trapped in a burning building, likely unconscious, in serious need of medical attention and second in line to be rescued behind a child.

The whole scenario was outlandish anyway, but for Edwards to escape two near-death experiences is unlikely. At least this way, Edwards gets to be a hero.

Why She’s Alive

Yes, some doctors have been electrocuted, shot and mangled beyond repair, but others survived a drowning, a brain tumor and cancer. Callie Torres, Cristina Yang and Preston Burke all moved on to greener pastures as opposed to the great beyond, leaving the hospital on their feet as opposed toin abody bag.

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Edward’s is dead, which is why she could live. Her predicament couldserve asa distraction as some other beloved character unexpectedly meets an unfortunate end. Shonda does love surprises!

It would be brutal to kill off Edwards, who prevailed over sickle-cell disease in her childhood andhas gone on tobecome a promising surgeon. If Edwards is rescued, she’s going to be severely traumatized (andprobably not real pretty)which would pave the way for her to exit to get some much-needed counseling and skin grafting. Maybe she’ll move on to a hospital where the death toll for the docs isn’t quite so high. Either way, the door would remain open for Edwards to return.

Does Grey’s Anatomy need to stop killing off its doctors? Did Edwards’ storyline jump the shark with back-to-back kidnapping and explosion? Will you miss her character? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Poll: Will Dr. Stephanie Edwards Be Found Dead or … – BuddyTV (blog)

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