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2bPrecise acquired from Allscripts by AccessDX – Healthcare IT News

Posted: August 29, 2021 at 1:57 am

AccessDX Holdings, which develops an array of lab diagnostics and decision support tools, announced this week that it has acquired 2bPrecise from Allscripts.

WHY IT MATTERS2bPrecise specializes in helping health systems advance precision medicine projects by aggregating genetic and genomic data from labs and clinical data from electronic health records and helping bring it into clinician workflows helping with faster diagnosis of for heritable conditions, and more efficient targeting of personalized treatment plans.

Its addition to the AccessDX portfolio which includes the MedTek21 platform for diagnostic-based CDS will help provider and other customers as they establish, build and advance precision medicine programs.

THE LARGER TRENDClinical integration of genetics and genomics is advancing across an array of specialties not just oncology and cardiology but neonatology, pediatrics and behavioral health. But easy access to that data within the EHR is essential to gaining clinician buy-in and enabling precision insights for improved patient outcomes.

Still many smaller providers think precision medicine is beyond their means. That's not true, however. In interviews with Healthcare IT News, 2bPrecise co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joel Diamond has said that pharmacogenomics is one logical entry point.

At HIMSS21 earlier this month, UPMC CMIO Dr. Robert Bart said he shared that sentiment.

"In the pharmacogenomics space, there's opportunity for all levels of healthcare systems to be involved," he said predicting that that precision med discipline would soon "filter down and become the standard of care."

He added: "One of the reasons I'm so high on pharmacogenomics is that there can be a big benefit on medication adherence.

"There's a nice opportunity where the payers are aligned, because they feel there's financial benefit in healthcare. The clinical side is aligned, because they feel that they can get better therapy and therapeutic treatment for the patient. And the patients are aligned because they want the right medication at the right dose for them personally."

ON THE RECORD"We're thrilled to welcome the 2bPrecise team and platform as we execute on our combined vision for democratizing the use, interpretation and delivery of advanced diagnostic solutions at the point of care," said Joe Spinelli, SVP of Product & Strategy for AccessDX. "Combined, our worldwide organization will be able to accelerate the pace of innovation and best serve the needs of healthcare organizations that continue to expand their adoption of actionable precision medicine solutions."

"AccessDX is a genuine leader in genomic information management. Our collective capabilities will serve as a force multiplier for the practical utilization of precision medicine," said Assaf Halevy, founder and CEO of 2bPrecise. "With a unified mission to drive dimensional change in healthcare, the combined talents and energy of 2bPrecise and AccessDX will compound acceleration in delivering on our vision of intelligent, personalized care for the good of healthcare organizations and the patients they serve."

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